Terms & Conditions



The following general terms and conditions of ALPS Alpinveranstaltungs- und Service GmbH (hereinafter ALPS) apply to all registrations, offers or bookings made online, by telephone or in person between the participant, the organizer and ALPS. 


The customer takes note of the specified course language and confirms that he has sufficient knowledge to understand instructions by ALPS. The customer waives any claim or objection arising from actual or alleged translation errors.




Likewise, for the use of all information made available on the digital and printed publications of ALPS, participation in training courses, lectures or online courses.


If no gender-specific salutation has been created, women and men are meant equally. These conditions also apply to all vicarious agents of ALPS (mountain guides, course instructors, experts, other vicarious agents). These general terms and conditions are also the basis and only valid conditions for the Participation in courses and the use of our offers.


By booking or using our offers, you accept these general terms and conditions.


Registration / booking


Registration / booking can be made online, by phone or by e-mail. The registration / booking is binding for the customer.

You will receive a registration confirmation by email. The places will be allocated in the order in which registrations are received. You will receive a confirmation (in writing or by email) about a week before the event whether the event can be held.


Group sizes and compositions


The maximum group numbers given are for information purposes and relate to ALPS experience under the worst possible conditions.


ALPS is entitled at any time to merge groups from different providers and courses, provided that the usual guide key for the destination is not exceeded by more than 20%.


For training courses in the Basic Instinct, Start and Advanced groups, ALPS is entitled to unilaterally increase the number of participants at any time, provided that the training objective and the safety of the participants are not endangered.


Please note that a booking on a waiting list is not a binding booking.


The customer is responsible for ensuring that his contact details (email and telephone) are up-to-date and that there are no filters or technical barriers preventing the receipt of messages from ALPS.


The booking is only valid for ALPS when the due payment has been received in full on the ALPS account or has been irrevocably settled using one of the payment methods offered.


ALPS is entitled at any time to refuse the customer participation in the event if ALPS has irrevocably received no or no timely payment.


Our entitlement to the participation fee remains unaffected. ALPS rejects any liability for costs incurred or claimed by the customer in this case.




Special information on infectious diseases


The customer is obliged to report infectious diseases to ALPS. This reporting requirement exists: before participation, during participation and up to 30 days after participation. This applies regardless of statutory regulations.


The customer takes note of the increased risk of infection at group events and holds ALPS and its agents harmless.


Cancellation of events by ALPS


ALPS is entitled at any time to postpone the date or time, or, in the case of special events such as e.g. increased alpine dangers, unfavorable external conditions, illness or prevention of vicarious agents, insufficient registrations, events or other important reasons - to cancel and thus unilaterally withdraw from the contract. In this case you will usually be informed by email at least 1 day before the start of the course. All payments already made will be refunded within the specified period. Beyond that there are no further claims of any kind by the customer.




Right of withdrawal and cancellation by the customer




The customer acknowledges that his right of withdrawal is limited under the Distance Selling Act (see exceptions in the events section).


Cancellations and unilateral withdrawals from the contract are possible under the following circumstances and are deemed to have been agreed upon conclusion of the booking.


A deregistration / cancellation on your part must be made in writing (email to justgoout@alpsclimbing.com) to ALPS and the following deadlines and discounts apply as agreed. The day on which a cancellation is received is the first working day after transmission. (Working days Monday-Friday)


- up to 30 days before the start of the course: 20% of the course fee

(at least € 25 administration costs),


- up to 14 days before the start of the course: 50% of the course fee,

- up to 13 days or less before the start of the course: 100% of the

Course fees and any rental costs.


If costs for hotel stays, travel and / or material have already arisen, ALPS is entitled to invoice these in full or to offset down payments received (right of retention) in deviation from the cancellation periods. Partial reimbursements for lump sums for unused services are excluded. Extraordinary refund and goodwill rules for bookings with discounts of more than 20% are excluded.


We recommend taking out travel cancellation insurance. ALPS can set a deadline of 60 days for processing reimbursements and cancellations due to the longer duration of invoices with Alpine accommodation providers, insurance companies, rescue organizations and other service providers. If settlement is not possible within this first, the customer has the right to request an appropriate partial payment. The deadline is the end of the course or offer.


The cancellation fees do not apply if the customer announces an equivalent substitute participant up to 7 days before the start of the event. In this case, only administration costs of € 25.00 / participant and the external costs for any rebooking will be charged.


Hazard warnings and increased risk in mountain sports


Mountain sports are generally subject to an increased risk of accidents and injuries, which cannot be completely ruled out even with careful preparation.


This residual alpine risk is known to the customer and he assumes liability in this regard. The customer acknowledges that the content announced in the tour requirements and equipment lists are part of the contract, he has understood and can fulfill them. If a customer is obviously unable to do so To meet requirements and thereby endanger the safety or the goals of the other participants, ALPS is entitled at any time - while maintaining its claims - to exclude the customer from the event. This also applies if the participant acts contrary to ALPS's instructions. Any rescue or additional costs are borne by the participant. The participant is obliged to inform ALPS of any impairments (e.g. chronic illnesses, current restrictions) before starting the tour.


Notes, tour suggestions and equipment tips are non-binding and are purely for information. The user holds ALPS harmless and harmless for this.


Payment regulation


The participation fees are due within 3 days, unless otherwise agreed in writing. At least before the start of the booked event.


Payment can be made online in the booking system or by bank transfer free of charge for ALPS.


If online payment is no longer possible on time, the participation fees must be paid in advance or in cash on the first day of the event (credit card payments are not possible).


In the case of multiple registration (one person registers several people): The person registering is liable for the entire participation fee.


In the event of payment delays and / or default, ALPS is entitled to collect 8% interest on arrears, collection costs and any court fees from the customer.




Accommodation, hotel and transport


In principle, ALPS only offers the relevant service of guided tours by vicarious agents and equipment rental.


Accommodation is recommended for special locations and regions and can be booked and paid for by the customer directly with the provider on the latter's terms. ALPS only takes over the reservation of accommodation if this is not organizationally possible otherwise.


The prices given for accommodation, transport costs and meals are non-binding values for ALPS and are for information only. If package deals are advertised, the billing and the conclusion are made by the travel agency or accommodation partner or by ALPS.


Vouchers and discount coupons


Vouchers that are bought via the ALPS booking system are only valid after receipt of payment. The vouchers must be redeemed within 36 months of purchase. If ALPS increases prices for the courses or events in the meantime, the customer must pay the difference. If the courses are no longer part of the program for organizational or other reasons, ALPS has the right to offer another - comparable - course at any time. If the customer does not accept this course, the right to conversion or repayment has expired. Only one voucher or discount coupon can be redeemed per booking.


No other discount coupoms can be credited to redeemed vouchers for courses. A cash redemption of vouchers or discounts is excluded.


The issuing of discount coupons or discounts through sales partners of ALPS or ALPS itself takes place under the conditions mentioned. If the customer cannot prove that he is entitled to purchase, the discount expires automatically and the customer is obliged to pay the difference to ALPS before starting the course.


The vouchers and discount coupons are recognized and ranked after ALPS has received payment from the customer. If the available places are fully booked or the voucher campaigns have expired, the customer's right to a discount expires. The same applies to late payment or reduced amounts.


In any case, vouchers and discounts can only be redeemed up to 3 days before the start of the event. For events with rental material (except via ferratas and climbing events) that are used by customers, the deadline of 5 days applies.


When redeeming vouchers from competitions, ALPS's normal cancellation conditions apply to its customers.


Missed parts of an event


In principle, missed parts of an event cannot be made up for. In principle, pro-rata reimbursements of the course costs due to missed parts of an event are also not possible.


Notification of defects


If participants do not agree with the type of tour or the conveyance of course content (deficiencies), a detailed written complaint must be submitted within 14 days of the end of the VA. Submitting it later - for whatever reason - means a lost date. The following are explicitly excluded from the concept of a complaint:


not reaching a summit goal

Non-implementation of course / training content due to poor conditions or other external influences (e.g. blocking of traffic routes ...)



Insurance coverage


The mountain guides from ALPS are insured for a sum of € 8,000,000.


Personal accident and rescue insurance cover during the event is the responsibility of the participant. For all events carried out by ALPS or its vicarious agents, any liability for the rescue costs of participants is excluded. This also applies to alleged or occurred damage to property and / or other costs of the customer.


We strongly recommend insurance for rescue costs. This can be taken out with the alpine clubs, automobile clubs and insurance companies.




ALPS liability


The liability of ALPS and its vicarious agents is limited to gross negligence or intent

We exclude liability for slight negligence. If rental equipment is brokered by ALPS, the respective rental company is liable for the safety of the equipment. In any case, ALPS rejects any liability for defects in the participants' personal equipment.


If rental material is provided directly by ALPS, the customer accepts that:


Touring bindings are not ski safety bindings and therefore there is an increased risk of injury in the event of a fall or false activation

The use of crampons with mountaineering boots with limited crampon ability means an increased risk

The use of ice tools and ice axes means an increased risk of injury, even when used properly

Alpine sports equipment must be used carefully and properly





Use of content and information from ALPS




ALPS rejects any liability for information and tour recommendations made available by ALPS or its vicarious agents, which the user uses outside of the ALPS courses or tours. The user acknowledges that tour information - even created to the best of his or her knowledge - can always be incorrect and does not release the user from responsible tour planning. This also applies to verbal tour recommendations and / or recommendations in the context of digital and written publications by ALPS.






By registering, you agree that the provider can use your data (personal data, booked events, etc.) for its own purposes (advertising, information about new offers, etc.). At the events, photos and films are made of the participants. The participants agree to free use of these and their provided (transmission to ALPS) recordings by ALPS and its partners on their internet platforms, internet platforms of third parties (e.g. Facebook, tour portals, etc.) and printed advertising material - unless the participant objects to this use in writing before the start of the tour or transmission.




Use of audiovisual material from ALPS




The use of ALPS or its vicarious agents on participants (hereinafter "guest" provided image and video material (hereinafter "images") is subject to the following conditions:




private use: the private free use of images can be made by the guest free of charge, provided the source reference ALPS and the #ALPS is attached on digital platforms

Commercial use on platforms by guests of all kinds must be approved in writing by ALPS.

For the use of images on which other people besides guests can be clearly recognized, their consent to the use of guests must be obtained.

Post-processing, changes, partial changes or alienation of images is prohibited without exception and the free use of images automatically expires if this has been granted.

The use of images in the context of political parties, interest groups, alpine associations, environmental organizations, tourism organizations, etc. is only permitted with the written consent of ALPS. A written consent can only be given if the type of use, the textual preparation and the user target group are communicated to ALPS. The mountain guide associations are excluded from this.

For the unlawful use of images, a contractual penalty of EUR 1000 is agreed, which is not subject to any judicial right of moderation and which is to be paid upon first request. ALPS expressly reserves the right to any further compensation.


ALPS only passes on the participant data to third parties who work together with ALPS to hold events and provide services for ALPS and the customer. (Rental companies, cable cars, sporting goods retailers, etc.) The customer expressly agrees to this use.


ALPS rejects any liability for the use of this data outside of the course.


If participants provide data, images, videos or other data from third parties, or if they are uploaded to one of the ALPS platforms, the participants grant ALPS and its partners unlimited rights of use to this material. The participant guarantees that he has the unrestricted right of use and holds ALPS harmless and harmless upon first request.




Use of data and storage of data by ALPS and its service providers


ALPS only uses data that is provided to us by the customer. To this end, we work with service providers who process this data in accordance with the GDPR and who have proven to us that it complies with the statutory provisions. In principle, we delete personal data after a period of 10 years. 


Every customer is entitled at any time to request a database and, if necessary, to have it deleted.


ALPS only passes on the participant data to third parties who work with ALPS to hold events and provide services for ALPS and the customer. (Rental companies, cable cars, sporting goods retailers, etc.) The customer expressly agrees to this use and disclosure.


ALPS rejects any liability for the use of this data outside of the course.


If participants provide data, images, videos or other data from third parties, or if they are uploaded to one of the ALPS platforms, the participants grant ALPS and its partners unrestricted rights of use to this material. The participant guarantees that he has the unrestricted right of use and holds ALPS harmless and harmless upon first request.


Program and price changes


ALPS reserves the right to make program and price changes as well as changes to the General Terms and Conditions. ALPS can announce program changes at any time on the day of the event. This can be for organizational and / or technical reasons. If the advertised summits, goals or program contents cannot be carried out, the customer has no right of withdrawal or a right to a price reduction. If the duration or the character of the event is unilaterally and significantly changed by ALPS without the consent of the majority of customers and without justification (alpine dangers, weather, illness or failure of the vicarious agent, traffic situation, ...), the customer has a right for a reasonable price reduction.


Place of jurisdiction


Austrian law applies to all legal relationships with ALPS. The place of jurisdiction is the competent court at the headquarters of ALPS.


Ottensheim on January 1st, 2018


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